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gonzopapers's Journal

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Gonzo Papers, Volume 3

▪ Anne Pilot.
▪ I get sick of people pretty easily (I cannot stress this enough).
▪ I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.
▪ I'm really into music.
▪ I love, love, love writing.
▪ I live and breathe art.
▪ I idolize those who have embraced their picturesque qualities and have let them shine brightly. You have my uttermost respect.
▪ Music heals.
▪ Support your causes.
▪ That's enough, Kanye West.
▪ My journal is private for a reason. I'm not the most trusting person.
▪ If you read all that and still would like to see more, add me and if I find you interesting, I'll add you back =]